Rally Intro

Welcome to the 2022 Route 66 Bike Week. The “SOUTHWEST’S LARGEST ROLLING RALLY”. We are very excited to have you. We have put a lot of effort into making this a rally you will make a tradition of, and come back year after year. We have worked hard to establish relationships with business owners, city leaders, chambers of commerce and government agencies, to assure their participation and support.    As with anything, we learn new ways to improve our rally each year. You have our commitment that we will continue to grow, improve and expand each year.    Our rally is designed to have you out on the road…. Riding and exploring. With your “knees in the breeze”, making wonderful memories, and stopping into places that you may not have otherwise stopped at. We find that much more fun than walking around crowded parking lots full of the “same old, same old”.    While we certainly have some vendors scattered along the route, we like to bring focus to all of the local, small businesses that call the Mother Road their home 365 days out of the year.    Don’t forget the AMAZING area side trips, like the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam & more. Thanks again for joining us for the 2022 Route 66 Bike Week…                                 Rob Borden


What to Include?

Route 66 Bike Week is designed to keep YOU in charge… Not follow the masses (unless you want to). There is no set time to be anywhere. You go at your own pace, make your own plans, and decide what you want to see, how long you want to stay, and where you want to go next. Follow along with a pack of your buddies, or head out for a solo adventure. Like we say, “it’s all about the ride YOU decide”.

“Route 66 Bike Week is a Kodak moment that stretches over 320 miles”. — Rob Borden

What to do FIRST…

Go thru this guide, and make a general plan of what interests you, and what doesn’t. Plan your days accordingly. Our rally is a culmination of events, activities, bands, etc that take place at our “Rally Central” (the Saddle Sore Ranch), and all of our participating Rally Stops between Needles, CA and Seligman, AZ. Keep in mind, some of these activities, bands, etc may change without notice. When you are out there, on the road…. Take your time to relax, enjoy and make stops along the way. This isn’t a race, it’s a trip down perhaps the most historic roadway in the world. Imagine a time, before the interstate system, when practically ALL of the traffic going to and from Los Angeles, travelled down this very road. Families, outlaws & more…

Route 66 Bike Week would not be possible without the participation of all of our “Rally Stops“, and the support from our tremendous sponsors. Please remember to support those, who support us.