Want to ride Route 66 Bike Week, but don’t currently have a bike? Or just not able to bring yours for whatever reason?

We’ve got your back!!!

Thru a special arrangement with EAGLE RIDER, the Saddle Sore Ranch (Rally Central) can now provide you full access to Eagle Rider’s ENTIRE line-up. What’s even better, is that you can pick up the bike at any one of their nationwide locations, get your riding done, then drop it off at the same location, or any of their other nationwide locations. This couldn’t be any easier. So, whether Route 66 Bike Week is your final destination, or just a stop along the way of your own amazing journey, reserve your bike NOW thru the Saddle Sore Ranch. Click below to be select your bike, and pick up location. ***FYI, the closest pickup and drop off locations to Route 66 Bike Week, and the Saddle Sore Ranch are in Las Vegas, NV. From there, we are only a two hour ride, south.***