Thanks for your interest is becoming a Rally Stop checkpoint. My name is Rob Borden, and I am the founder of Route 66 Bike Week as well as Route 66 Road Rally. The inaugural Route 66 Bike Week event was held in April 2021, and stretched from Needles, CA to Seligman, AZ. Based on the overwhelming response, and positive impact it had on the small businesses along Route 66, we are now expanding it from Chicago to L.A. As well as announcing the sister event, Route 66 Road Rally. As you can imagine, this is no small feat.

Route 66 Bike Week will be an annual motorcycle event, held on the fourth weekend in April. Route 66 Road Rally is open to ALL vehicle types, and goes on all year round. 365 days. Both events allow participants to begin and end their rally anywhere they want. Make their own plans, routes and schedules. Our events are “rolling rallies”, that are designed to have participants explore all of Route 66 and support local small businesses along the way by making them “checkpoints” that we refer to as “Rally Stops”.

This is designed to have participants come thru YOUR doors, and spend money at YOUR place, as opposed to the event being confined to a single location, and supporting a single transient vendor area.

We just wanted to see if your business would be interested in being one of the checkpoints (Rally Stops) for these two events. They will both work off of the same list of checkpoints. Feel free to check out our websites and corresponding facebook pages for more information, and contact me with any further questions.

Our rally is currently recognized and supported by the Arizona Route 66 Association, Kingman Visitor’s Center, Oatman Chamber Of Commerce, Seligman Chamber Of Commerce, Needles Visitor’s & Tourism Dept, Kansas Route 66 Association, California Historic Route 66 Association and more. We look forward to hearing back from you soon.

If this interests you, please email us at

Thank you for your time

Rob Borden